Hello and welcome to Just Inkin’ Around, a blog by Cornerstone Impressions. We’re glad you stopped by to visit our page. Just Inkin’ Around was created for two purposes, to explain and entertain. Over the years, we’ve learned that when someone asks “what do y’all do?” They aren’t usually expecting to hear an overwhelming list of services. However, our team here at Cornerstone has many years of experience in screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, graphic design, promotional products and custom woodwork.

We realize that while most people know of these services, sometimes it’s hard to envision how they can be used to benefit organizations, business and brands. Just Inkin’ Around will make it easy for you to imagine new and creative ideas. We will take you behind the scenes in our shop, answer some of our most frequently asked questions and we’ll even showcase some of our awesome clients and their stories. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas or you simply stumbled across our blog, we hope Just Inkin’ Around will be a great resource for you.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about Just Inkin’ Around or Cornerstone Impressions. Please submit your inquiries to hannah@csimpressions.com.